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10 Jul 2016
Foods high in antioxidants
Today Iwant tobringyou a listwith 5 excellentfoodshigh in Antioxidants to fightcancer. Thesefoodshavebeencharacterizedbyhighlighting in itscomposition. Some of themalreadyhavementioned in thepast, howevertoday I want to highlightits anti-cancerqualities.
Medicine has come a longway and todayhavebeenidentifiedcertainfoodsthathelp quite in the cure and prevention of variouscancers, herethey are:

antioxidant foods
Beans are edibleseeds of Phaseolusvulgarisplant. Itsmostlikelyoriginis in southernMexico and itscultivationisconsideredone of theoldest. Beansgivesusexcellentnutrients, amongthem are highlevels of protein (19% – 25%). Containvitamin E and several B complex, somevarietiescontainsomeretinol.
Bean skin containslargeamounts of flavonoids, anthocyanins and tannins. Theyalsoprovidevariousminerals and saturated and unsaturatedfats. Likeallotherfoodsalsoitgivesuscarbohydrates, fiber and water. Thanks to itscontent of phytosterols, are attributed anti-cancerpropertiesespeciallyfor cases of pancreaticcancer, breast and colon. A studyby Colorado StateUniversityshowedthat regular intake of beans and potatoeshelpspreventbreastcancer.
Itprovidesgreaterantioxidantcapacitythanblueberries and blackberries. Itisanexcellentsource of nutrients. Reduces therisk of cardiovascular disease. Preventconstipation, theysatiateyourappetite and lowercholesterol. Theyalsohelppreventinflammation.
Due to itshighcontent of Fe and folateconsumptionishighlyrecommended in cases of anemia. Thecontribution of potassium and sodiumshortageallow to be used in dietsforhypertension. Reduces symptoms of menopause. Goodenergysource. Improvememory. Antidepressant, estrogenic, hepatoprotective, chemopreventive, lipolytic, in addition to antibacterial, diuretic, antiviral, antipyretic, carminative, tonic, fungicide, emollient, and hypoglycemic.
It can cause flatulencebecausethepeelcontainsraffinoseoneolisacaridothatundergotheprocess of digestion produces gas.
TheDark chocolate is a variety of chocolate thatdoesnotcontainmilk. Alsocalledbitter chocolate, istheresult of thedough mixture withcocoabutter and sugar and flavoringsomething. Todayitispossible to getbars in supermarkets.
Itprovidesseveralnutrients. Vitamins A, B and E. Mineralssuch as Mg, Ca, Na, K and Fe isrich in polyphenols-flavonoidssuch as epicatechin. Alsopolyunsaturated and monounsaturatedfattyacids, proteins, theobromine and caffeine. Italsoprovidesfiber and carbohydrates.
Itis a foodrich in antioxidants, whichhelp reduce therisk of degenerativediseases and variouscancers, ithelpsprotectthecirculatorysystem, especiallytheheart, relaxesthearteries, lowersbloodpressure and alsohelps control cholesterol, alsoprotectsagainst LDL oxidation. Flavonoidsalsohelpkeep skin smooth and moisturized. Controllingbloodsugarbecauseunlikeother chocolates, has a lowglycemiclevel. Improvevision. Preventnervoussystemdiseasessuch as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and otherdementias. Helptheproperbrainfunctionbecauseit has theobromine, caffeine and phenylethylamine.
In addition, someresearchindicatesthattheobromine has anantitussiveeffect. Chocolate alsoappears to soothe and moistenthethroat. Anti-inflammatory, antidiarrheal, aphrodisiac, reduces stress and anxiety. Itis a goodenergysourceforathletes. Becausethemineralsitprovides, ithelpsmaintaingoodhealth of thebody. Itisrecommended to consume between 50-60 grams per day, up to a maximum of 100 g, as itis a foodrich in calories and fat.
Continuingwiththefoodshigh in antioxidants to fightcancer are the tea. Tea is a drinkoriginating in China and is a beveragewidelyconsumed in thecountries of the East sinceancient times. Tea is a productmadefromCamelliasinensisleaves of theplant, which can be prepared in theform of drink, preparedwithfreshleaves, unlikeblack tea whichismadefromfermentedleaves.

Themainsubstancesthatgivesusthisdrink are polyphenols, substances as mentionedbringmanyhealthbenefits; Thepresence of vitamins in tea isminimal, containingvitamins A, B, C and E. Itbringsalsovariousminerals, polyunsaturatedfattyacids, some amino acidslikearginia and niacin, carbohydrates and water. Italsocontainsxanthinessuch as caffeine, theophylline and theobromine.
Foritscontent of polyphenols and vitaminsithelpsprevent and combatvarioustypes of cancer: as thebladder, esophagus, ovary and pancreas. Someauthorsarguethatalsothebreast, prostate, gastric, lung, colon, skin and solidtumors, althoughthelatterisnotwelldemonstrated.
Thanks to thesecompounds, alsopreventdegenerativediseases of thenervoussystem and preventvarious cardiovascular diseases (myocardialinfarction, atherosclerosis) and decreasehighcholesterol and triglycerides. Anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator, diuretic, antidiarrheal, relieves migraines and helpsimprovememory.  As ointmenthelps cure genital warts. Relieve sunburn and prevent skin cancerdue to sunexposure.
To relieve mental fatigue. Avoideyediseases, including glaucoma. Due to itsargininecontentitseems to haveaninfluenceontheincrease of spermatozoa. Preventtoothdecay and gingivitis, halitosis, antibiotic, antithrombotic, alsoprevents osteoporosis.
As wementioned in a previous post, onion and garlichave a substancecalledallicin, whichisconsideredalmostmiraculous. Garlic has beenusedbyvarious cultures to feed and healthebody. This use has spread throughouttheworld and todayisstillused as a condiment, or as medicine. Themostrecommendediseatenraw, becausewhencooked, loses manyproperties. Due to itshighcontent of nutrientsitprovidesgreathealthbenefitsincluding:
Ithelpspreventvariouscancers. It has beenfoundthattherate of stomachcanceris 60% lowerthan in thosewho do notingestLiliaceae. Garlicisalsousedtopically to eliminatewarts (tumors) onthe skin. In additionAllicin has antibioticactivity, anti-diabetic, anti-thrombotic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, lowersbadcholesterol and triglycerides in boththeblood and theliver. Itisshown to possess anti-hypertensiveactivity, whichfavorscardiacactivity and reduces therisk of cardiovascular eventsorstroke. Mosquito repellent, cure acne, disinfectingtheenvironment, antitussive, amongothers.
In thefirst place of thefoodshigh in antioxidants to fightcancer are the broccoli. As wementioned in a previous post, Broccoli isanamazingfoodthatisloadedwith beneficial substances. It has theshape and size of a vegetable brain. Itishigh in Vitamin C, A, K, B and E, also has Selenium (Se) and polyphenols. alsoitcontainsotherminerals, protein, fiber, carbohydrates, vegetable fat and water.
AlongwithhiscousinsBrusselssprouts, cauliflower and cabbage, broccoli containssulfurcompoundsthat can filtercarcinogensthatpromote tumor growth, itistheglucoraphanincompoundwhich can be convertedintosulforaphanecompound, whichitisan anti-cancercompound. Itisrich in othercompoundssuch as DIM, whichisattributed to anti-cancer and diindolylmethanewhichhelpsmodulatetheimmune response systemwith anti-viral activity, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer.
Itisrecommended to preventcancer of the colon, ovary, vagina, prostate and breast. Italsohelps reduce therisk of localizedcancerbecomes more aggressive. Italsopreventstheproliferation of thebacteriumHelicobacter pylori causes gastritis, ulcers and stomachcancer. In patientswithchroniclungdiseasehelpspreventlungcancer. Furthermore, according to InstitutescientistsMediciaBayloraftermakingmultiplelaboratorytests, theyfoundthatsulforaphane can killcancercells in acutelymphoblasticleukemia.

Thanks to thesubstancesthatcontributes to thediet, providesgreatantioxidantcapacity to eliminate free radicals. Ithelps skin, hair and strengthensvision. Anti-inflammatory (anti-arthritis), antidiabetic, antibiotic, anti-anemic, promotesbloodclotting, preventsconstipation.  Reduces therisk of heartattacksorstrokes.
Alsothanks to itscontent of zinc and folicacid, is ideal forcoupleswhowant a child, as the Zinc helpsimprovespermquality, and folicacidisessentialforpregnantwomen. Is a goodsource of calcium and helps in thegrowth of children and bonemaintenance.
Ok, these are thefoodshigh in antioxidants to fightcancer, rememberincludethesefoods in yourdailydiet. seeyou in thenext post, don’tforgetyourcomment!


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